at Graduation Show

during DDW2018

20-28 October

at Campina factory, Eindhoven






A space-saving new take on a familiar household object.


Student digs are often small and provide only a minimum of necessities. They are hardly the ideal place to dry laundry, and keeping them tidy is a challenge.


The ideal place to dry laundry is high up in the room, because hot air rises, Jelle Heuver reasoned. He knew that historically, farmhouses in Groningen (the Netherlands) featured a droogspin (literally: drying spider) to hoist up drying clothes. He reintroduces the idea, extending the item’s functionality: dry your washing, or lift up your things if you need the floor space. In this capacity the ‘Droogspin’ is also a valuable addition to small offices or studios.


Jelle Heuver


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